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Holistic healing is a journey.


You're here because you need to physically or emotionally heal. The things you've tried haven't worked and you're ready to find a solution that takes all of you into consideration. You haven't achieved the results you want, because you've been piece-milling the solution instead of treating your mind, body, and spirit. You need to get your {whole} self into alignment.

Ruqayyah & Co. was created just for you. Whether you have chronic neck pain or are a survivor, I've been where you are. Our programs are, first and foremost, a collaboration between You and the Practitioner, and secondly, take all of you into consideration.

True healing is a journey. Let me help you get there faster with the proper support.

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Don't take my word for it 


"It is actually difficult to describe with words what this experience is, what I’d do instead is highly encourage folks to experience it themselves. I’ll try anyways: Ruqayyah has a way of caring for your holistic self, she takes her time, she listens to your body’s needs (both what you express and what she reads), and with her advanced skills takes you on a journey. It goes beyond a massage. She is 100% you-oriented, focused on your healing, and enters that journey with you. I could rave all day and still not be able to encompass all that her healing hands can do. She is a gift, and being on the receiving end is unlike most experiences. Safe to say, 11/10 I recommend."

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