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Ruqayyah Abdul-Rahim

Hello, I’m Ruqayyah (Ru-Ki-Yah) Abdul-Rahim. As a powerful intuitive healer and Trauma-Informed Survivor Coach, I am committed to helping you heal.

I believe that in order to truly heal we have to take a holistic approach treating the mind + body + spirit. Only through treating our FULL selves can we learn to be safe, self confident, and full of self love.

I combine intuitive healing, holistic coaching, and neuromuscular therapy to holistically heal your mind, body, & spirit, so you can build the life you've always wanted!

Ruqayyah & Co.

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Ruqayyah & Co. 

is a health and wellness company. I named it Ruqayyah & Co. because Ruqayyah means "one who heals something my spiritual means."  That's what we do here. We facilitate healing in a natural holistic way.

I created Ruqayyah & Co. out of the desire to help clients on a deeper level. It wasn't enough for me to simply reduce stress and tension in a client's body. I had to find a way to help clients holistically heal trauma and chronic pain to achieve long-lasting results.

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